Do you happen to remember the huge controversy that went down in 2016?

With a company called Cambridge Analytica?

And Facebook?

If you don’t, hop on over to the ‘ol Google and run a search…

It was huge data leak, in which millions of Facebook users’ personal data was harvested by Analytica to support political means.

I’m not being political here..

I’m illustrating the power of data.

Why is Facebook free?


Why are they the number one ad platform for SMBs (Small to Medium Sized Businesses)?


Facebook is free because every post, like, comment, and share is fed into its algorithm.

Why’s that a big deal?

Well, you’re trading your behavioral data and massive insights for free access — but it’s not free.

Ever do a Google search, visit a website, and then see an ad pop up in your FB feed for that website/product?

Your paying with your Data.

See, Cambridge Analtyica knew that if they could scrape user profiles for data, they could serve up ads to exactly the right people at the right time.

Without the data, they would have had to have a super huge adspend and do a widenet-shotgun approach: cast and blast and hope for the best.

See what they catch…

Not very efficient.

The gold is in the details…

What if you could serve ad to ONLY women, who visited your website in the last 3 days, who spent at least 2 minutes on your “Services Page,” who made between 60k-120k/year, and were married with children, between the ages of 35-45…?

Who’s more likely to click your ad and engage with you?

The woman listed above or just any woman with a pulse?

See, the more data you can collect, analyze, and leverage, the better you can optimize your messaging and ad delivery.

I’ll follow up with more on this in the next couple emails, but I just wanted to make the case for data, first.

If you don’t know how many users are visiting your site, how they’re getting there, now long they spend engaging with content, where they come into and drop out of your sales funnel pages…


You’re in the dark.

You don’t have data to leverage and it’s mostly guesswork and finger crossing.

I’m confident you’re interested in a more scientific approach to attracting and nurturing new clients.

That you’re at least slightly curious how user data can be legally obtained and leveraged for your business for serious growth…

More to come soon.

Keep an eye out.

PS if you don’t want to wait and are curious to know more about how we can start gathering data for you now, book a time with me here.