Who do you buy from?

People you trust, or people you don’t trust?

And, when you do decide to trust someone enough to give them your money, how did you end up there?

How did you end up in a place where you trusted them enough?

Just enough to give them your money…

Lots of ways to get there.

Regardless of the many ways people come to trust one another AFTER they get to know and like them, they never omit the two steps that come before trust.

Think about it.

Whom do you trust that you neither KNOW nor LIKE?

Concession: you may not like someone and still trust them, but it’s tougher right?

Not liking someone makes it a lot tougher to trust them, though, doesn’t it?

The more someone gets to like you, the more likely they are to trust you.

What’s more, it’s impossible to trust someone you don’t know.

I’m not talking about KNOW as you would know a family member.

You can add a parenthetical here… they just need to know [about] you.

Simply put, you can’t like someone if you don’t know they exist, and it’s very difficult to trust someone you don’t like.

The primary purpose of Nurture Campaigns like this one is to get your reader to 1: know more about you, so they will 2: begin to like you, and 3: start to trust you.

Trust isn’t assumed.

Trust isn’t a gimme.


Trust is earned through constant, consistent, predictable behaviors others come to believe to be true about you and your brand.

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