SaaS+S™ (Software as a Service, plus Service), was created as an acronym at AllTheCRM to help communicate the full scope of what we do as a software and marketing company.

It is the bridge between software features and end-user experience.

At AllTheCRM, we provide the strategy, the consulting, the software, and the service to make sure everything comes together beautifully for your business operations and marketing needs. Software as a service companies today tend to rely on a subscription model that asks the end-user, you, to learn the software on your own, valuable time. We understand that your time is best spent doing what you love to do and what you’re best at doing, not learning software to help power your business.

We’re not saying don’t learn the software at all; we’re saying don’t be so consumed with time intensive tasks required to learn software that you take away from money making activities and growing your business.

What does that look like when you work with us?

We provide Done with You training and coaching around systems and processes, which lets us focus on what we do best, and lets you focus on what you do best. We will work with you or your team to train you how to leverage your system for maximum outcomes and provide all the training needed specific to your business needs.

Or, you can bring us on as your go-to team to understand your business and deliver the systems, strategies, and operate the software on your behalf. Put another way, you hire us to operate the software on your behalf. You can outsource platform management to us – we’re happy to do it!

So, where we excel is providing the strategy and the platform to power it, along with the service to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible for maximum outcomes desired results for your business. This means time spent well and wisely in your business on what you and your team do best, not on learning skills and systems that are best left to the experts to handle.

Of course, if you don’t want our +Services, and you want to leverage our powerful platform on your own, we’re here to support with tutorials and our helpdesk. Totally fine!

But what we found, and what the majority of our customers have found, is that it is a powerful combination to bring both our SaaS platform and our expert Service to help you produce maximum results for our clients.

If you’re looking to get started with SaaS+S™ today, book a call to speak with one of our reps, and we’re happy to answer your questions.